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Catering our customer’s creative and artistic needs with
quality and style beyond expectations. Inkies™ Tattoo Studio is a high-end custom tattoo and full body piercing studio. We specialize in Asian, Traditional and New Americana, Portraits, Black and Gray, Color, American, Celtic, Filipino and Polynesian Tribal Art. Inkies™ Tattoo Studio provides creative and artistic services in an upscale, high-end style environment. Our focus is quality custom tattoos and full body piercings. Tattoos and piercings are more accepted these days as a form of art and individual expression. Our goal is to cater these needs for the Bay Area and beyond.

A break away from your typical tattoo parlor, Inkies™ Tattoo Studio offers expert experience and quality service to its customers. Inkies provides positive setting to those who want custom Tattoo Artwork and Body Piercing's in a bright, safe, clean, comfortable, artistic and friendly environment.

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June 17th-19th, Monterey, CA
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